November 27, 2010


I think it is always important to keep in mind things we are grateful for, but it’s especially important at thanksgiving. So as a special holiday treat I thought I would make a list of things to be thankful for here:
- A beautiful home with a pasture – this time last year the girls were all standing out in mud
- Not one but TWO bucks out in the pasture. Every day I’m grateful to have these and I can’t wait for kids next year
- The capabilities and space to breed 20 goats
- 8 doe kids born last year
- Two does settled by AI last year who provided us with doe kids, and one doe settled this year
- Enough feed to feed the goats
- 4Hers who are excited about goats
- Most of breeding season done
- Clean water, clean goats, shelters to keep everyone dry.

I’m sure there are more but I am just too tired to think of it now.

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