February 22, 2010

Babies Everywhere

It is amazing to see spring come and to see the kids grow. We are up to 5 does and 4 bucks and I thought it was time to post another set of pictures.
All the the kids get along well and sleep together in warm baby piles. Sometimes we find them in family groups and sometimes (like this picture caught) we find them all mixed together. I guess if I was a little kid growing up in wintertime I would want to find as many warm bodies to sleep beside.
Without a doubt, one of their favorite things to do is to play on this piece of plywood. Not only do they jump all over it and push each other off, but when they jump and leap, their hooves make noise. I'm guessing that all of their mom's also appreciate the fact that there are lots of them. They can entertain each other instead of pestering mom.
This is what happens when there are not enough playmates awake. Mom becomes the thing to climb on and play on. Now you can understand why the does like it when their kids all go play with each other instead of standing on her. Poor Thistle just wants to take a nap. She really thinks she is too old for this kid nonsense.
All the kids are fascinated by the horse who lives nearby. Are you a really big goat? Are you a dog like Hannah? They just don't get it. To be fair the horse doesn't really understand the kids either.