April 29, 2011

Adorable Pictures

You know those shots that are too cute for words? Enjoy a picture one of our newest Lamancha kids - Belize.

April 24, 2011

Spring continues...

There is so much to write about and no time to actually do it (I gave you fair warning didn’t I???) I will try to finish my ½ written blog about our newest purchased herd addition because getting her was quite an adventure both in the preordering her and then actually obtaining her. However I think that it really deserves its own entry to I will leave that story for later.

In all brief updates (other blogs I should write) there are many animals who have left the herd as well. This year Zaire, Zinfandel, Annie, and Fritter were all sold to new homes. Ysis left to go live at a dairy although we will receive doe kids in the future back from her. When we dropped her off she took one look at the large empty feed bunk and didn’t hesitate. I have no doubt that she is having a delightful time eating as much as she wants as often as she wants in exchange for milking.

Several of the kids have gone too. Katie’s boys both went as herd sires to herds up north. One of Arizona boys also went as a herd sire and the other has a wonderful home as a pet where I have no doubt he is cuddled and well loved. One of Yodel’s boys went as a herd sire on the coast and one Saanen boy is leaving soon as well. Three other boys were also sold and it makes the pasture look much more reasonable to have a few less animals.

All the other kids have collar now too. They are wearing the large plastic chained collars which stretch and break should they actually get caught. Plus it means we do not have to pick them up and carry them because we can all practice leading and walking by the collar (in preparation for show season that starts in a mere 2 weeks!!)

Finally we had nearly our last set of kids born this week. The remaining two alpines bred to Brazil came over and gave us buck doe twins each. Ziggy seems rather surprised to see them at our house. They look a lot like her so it was pretty funny to watch her get confuse why we brought them here. Zulu’s doe is a beautiful solid black with a lot of personality. Zulu comes from a dancer line so I think the kid is getting the name Bossanova. Kahlua’s doe is beautifully colored and her coloring is similar to her half-brother, Kastdemur’s Watch Yourself with black front and back and a large white belt with spots intermixed. As she is from a dessert line, her daughter is named Biscotti.

Argentina surprised us to know end by delivering triplets – 2 bucks and 1 doe. Quite a lot of kid for one little yearling! The doe came inside for a few days so that mom could concentrate on feeding 2 kids. 3 kids is just a little overwhelming for a first time mom. When Artemis kidded a few days later with a single doe kid, we graphed Belize (Argentina’s daughter) on to her so that she now has a mom to look after her in the field. She may still get extra bottles here and there (or more accurately Artemis’s daughter Buri may get a bottle since Belize is pretty quick to that udder) to help her grow well, but now she has a goat mom to teach her how to be a goat.

Wheeeew, I think that is all the important things that have been happening here. More about shows as they happen, although with the quarter as crazy as it has been I doubt I will be back on a regular blogging frequency until after I finish with school.

April 01, 2011

Saanen Doe kid

 Since I am the one who is writing this entry – I am going to write about my beautiful Saanen doe. I really need to stop telling people “Oh we are breeding 3 saanens, I’m sure that we will have lots of Saanen doe kids.” Yea, every time I say this I end up with nothing. This year Azalea tricked us; she gave us a doe, but it was not a Saanen. Well then Zinfandel gave me Saanen kids but no does. So that meant it was down to Alba. What’s more is Alba had more than just this year’s hopes resting on her. She was bred to a buck (Auric) who is just gorgeous and I love dearly and this is the third year I have used him.

Auric - beautiful sire

The first year I used him was way back when Thistle was a 2 year old first freshener. Sadly she kidded when no one was around and the kids did not survive. Then I used him again when Vanilla (Willow’s older full sister by one year) was a first freshener but she kidded with a giant single buck kid, still no doe kids. Since Auric is getting older, I figured Alba was probably my last chance to get a doe kid from him. Needless to say A LOT was riding on this breeding and I was definitely holding my breath.

Awww I think she is smiling
Thankfully Alba came through for me! She delivered (by herself, without our help) a beautiful single doe kid – full Saanen and thoroughly lovable. Perfectly white with the correct upright ears – all Saanen.

For a name, AlbariƱo is a type of grapes, so then I wanted another name that was a variety of grapes. Finally we settled on Bianchetta (which literally means, little white grapes, but is also a variety of grapes) or Bianca for short.