November 13, 2010

Not all Senior kids

Sometimes things just don’t work out the way you want it. We got the results back from Lanney and Keegan’s pregnancy tests. Sadly neither were pregnant yet. I’m glad that we got to use Jessie on the 2 Liberty Ranch toggs and single grade, but I really wish we could have bred these two girls to him too. Such a pretty cross that would have been. Now it is time to make the decision if April kids are more important, full togg kids, or just making sure she gets bred… sometimes these things are harder than they look.

First it is 1 round of AI since no one has a buck around then maybe it will be Lamancha-burgs

The rest of our early October girls got their tests sent off as well. Hopefully we will know by next week who is really bred and who we still need to get bred. Can you imagine if they are all bred? Mostly older kids! Ah what a dream.

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