July 15, 2011

Watsonville 2011

Watsonville is another of my favorite shows. Maybe it is time to be honest – they are all one of my favorites. However Watsonville always lands right into the middle of the summer. Right about the time when it is reaching 103° in the central valley, right about that time when you think you are going to die of the heat – we head to the coast for a weekend vacation.

A few years ago when we really started to get serious about the goat breeding (after we were both ready to work hard with our breeding program) we started to notice we began moving up the line. Going from the bottom half to the middle third of the line. This year I am happy to say that few exceptions we stood at the top ½ of the line consistently. The Lamanchas are very competitive in that area and it felt great to get three of our girls in the champion line-up. Berkeley, our rising star of the show, took 2 reserve grand champion awards. Bolivia stood at the top of her class and looked lovely in the champion line-up. Bamboo took a reserve champion in the first ring and then earned her dry leg with a grand champion win in the second ring. Biscotti was the big surprise – we added her in the last ring to make up for pulling Bamboo out so there would be enough goats to make the win count. As the only jr kid, she won her class, however I was stunned when the judge decided to go down to her for the Grand champion. What makes her win even more ironic is that she was for sale all weekend!

The young yearling milkers did respectable with Arizona standing at the top of her class or near the top in all the classes. Keegan also did very well standing second to the doe who went Grand Champion in the AOP division.

Overall we had a great few days getting away from the heat and hanging out on the coast.

Next adventure is taking the Lamancha does up to a show in Oregon. The first out of state show exhibition in the history of the Cadence herd! Exciting!!

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