February 19, 2011

Photographing Kids

So this year we have several people inquiring about buck kids. This is such a cool experience and I am excited to send them out. However before we confirm sales we need to send pictures. This makes a lot of sense; people want to know what animals look like before they purchase anything. If you have been to our website, or really most goat websites, you have seen goats posed from the side or rear to show them off. They stand still, they pinch down, overall they look really nice. Kids don’t really understand this – or adhere to the stand still policy…ever.

The weather was nice today so we went and found a few small collars and decided to embark on the “getting kid pictures” expedition.

I think this story is best told in pictures:

THIS is what kids do normally.

This is what they do when you put them on a collar. A few seconds before he was kicking his front legs like the toddler in the store.

This is what they do when you are not taking their pictures
But when you do try to take their pictures – well they scream
Which brings their worried mother running over…

Alternatively if they don't scream they become stiff

And then they climb on you instead of standing properly

And don't even bother trying to walk them around

Sigh, What are you going to do?

And then, as soon as you give up, they start peeing and pose themselves.

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