January 08, 2011

Baby bumps

Yesterday I went out to feed goats and “bumped” bellies for goat babies. I could feel babies in almost all of our Feb fresheners!! Legs, spine, head, rumps, REAL baby goats!!  I just love this part – although you don’t have kids yet, you can feel them and some even kick you back. You know that you are really going to have lots of fluffy, bouncy kids in just a month!

If you want to try this at home with your own does, get a helper (or do this on calm does at the feeder). Come up from behind them and gently wrap your arms around their belly in front of their udder but behind their barrel. Gently lift up or press into their stomach. You (obviously) want to be gentle but depending on how far along your doe is the kids will be large and easier to find and you may need to push a bit into the stomach. Sometimes applying pressure then releasing (but keeping your hand there) and the kid will kick back! Some people can estimate how many kids the doe is carrying, although I have not been as successful at this. I just like the feeling that my goat is actually pregnant and I am not going to be severely disappointed after 150 days of waiting.

One more month! I’m sure there will be more blogs on expected kids to come!

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  1. Yay! Babies!! We lost a pregnant doe on Monday so we are anxiously waiting for our March kids.