December 08, 2009

Seasons - Rebekah

I have come to determine that the dairy goat world is divided into 3 seasons. In the spring time there is kidding season which usually lasts from February to late May. Then there is show season that goes from late April until September. Finally there is breeding season which goes from August to December or January. Breeding season is always the longest and hardest of any of the season. Once a doe kids you no longer have to worry about her and can sit back and enjoy playing with and watching the new kids grow. During the show season you can plan ahead and prepare and be ready the day of the show. But during breeding season I feel like I am holding my breath. "When will she come into heat??" "Will she take this time?" "Will I have to re-bred her in 3 weeks?" "Is this a real heat cycle or is it a false heat?" Thank goodness for blood tests to confirm pregnancy, at least there is less guessing. Still we have 2 does that are having problems settling and 2 young does that we bred late so here I sit holding my breath that when I go out back there will be no little waggily tails

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